My YouTube video of a visit to the Aquarium.



Here are a few of the photos we took on the beachfront on 4th November 2013 – Guy Fawkes.


ravenna with mat

Yet another weekend @ Ravenna

ravenna with mat

Veld Flowers

A long weekend in the Snow

The long weekend I spent on a farm called Ravenna
It was snowing on the mountaings when we arrived and lots of rivers.
There were lots of dogs there to play with.
I went for a walk to the waterfall and around the farm with dogs.
ravennaHere is a gallery of some of my photos


Sunday breakfast West Coast Farm Stall

We meet up will old friend from NZ who have the cutest baby Kyle.

The West Coast Farm stall is a great Sunday breakfast stop. They have a great aviary full of birds and a nice garden to meander around. There is also a guided trip to see the Predators.





Welcome to my world


Montagu Springs

On of my favourite places is Montagu springs. Here are a few pictures from our visit in July.

montagu springs