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CTHNetwork A Minecraft Server

CTHNetwork A Minecraft server for 1.10.2 Minecraft is a fun game and is on the Games page, and I made a Minecraft server for us, and I enjoy playing on my server with my...



Hello and welcome to my “Animation Post” Lets go back to the beginning of 2017, I wanted to start an animation career with the software I have. But since I’ve moved to Durban and a new school,...



Here are a few of the photos we took on the beachfront on 4th November 2013 – Guy Fawkes.


A long weekend in the Snow

The long weekend I spent on a farm called Ravenna It was snowing on the mountaings when we arrived and lots of rivers. There were lots of dogs there to play with. I went...

Sunday breakfast West Coast Farm Stall 0

Sunday breakfast West Coast Farm Stall

We meet up will old friend from NZ who have the cutest baby Kyle. The West Coast Farm stall is a great Sunday breakfast stop. They have a great aviary full of birds and...